Saturday, 18 March 2017

My So Called Life + My First Zine Fair

Have you ever made a zine?

My favourite thing about zines is the fact you can make them on ANY topic you choose. At the last zine fair I went to, topics varied from gender and race politics to television shows, veganism, crisps and one zine entirely devoted to Bruce Springsteen's butt (I bought two copies for friends, how could I not?). When I was at university in Hull, some friends and I made an aptly titled 'Hull is For Heroes' zine devoted to the much maligned city that has recently been named Capital of Culture. (I am visiting in a few weeks to see how much/little it has changed!)

In February last year, Janet and I met up in Sheffield to visit their annual zine fair. We were so impressed by the amount of interesting, diverse and funny zines for sale. As we wandered around the fair I remarked to Janet that there really should be a zine dedicated to the brilliant cult 90s show My So Called Life and just as I finished speaking, I spotted one. Seleena was selling 'Where's Tino' zines, with artist impressions of the mysterious character who is often spoken about in the show but never actually appears on screen. She told me there was another stall selling zines dedicated to Jordan Catalano. Right, I was doing it! I was inspired to make my own zine. Janet and I decided that next year it would be great to have our own table at the zine fair, which gave us the impetus we needed to start making zines again.

I did a call-out for submissions on social media and quite a few fellow MSCL fans got in touch. It took me a while to finish, but once I had it was so nice to see the whole zine come together and to relive old memories of Jordan, Angela, Rickie and Rayanne.

Above: Our stall (left) and my haul (right). So many great zines to read!

One year on and Janet and I were on the train to Sheffield, both a little nervous. But we needn't have been as the day ended up going really well - and whizzed by super quickly. I sold quite a few copies of The Boiler Room: My So Called Life zine (copies available on Etsy with a free badge!) and it was so much fun to be a part of something so creative.

We have already started on a new zine dedicated to all things '90s; mixtapes, bands, memories. If you'd like to contribute drop me a line and let me know your ideas! The deadline is 30th April 2017. 


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  1. It was so much fun! I've had my post about it sitting in my draft folders for weeks, thanks for giving me the reminder I needed to finish it!


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