Thursday, 11 August 2016

10 Years of Indietracks

This year marked ten whole years of Derbyshire's brilliant indie-pop festival, Indietracks. I attended the first 'official' festival back in 2007 so thought I'd share some memories of steam trains, trampolines and sunsets from the last decade.

2007 - Indietracks Festival #1!

Ooh the excitement...

 Watching Finnish band 'Cats on Fire'

Fond memories of this trampoline... they need to bring this back!

 2008 - Indietracks # 2 (aka 'the one with all the animals')

2011 - Indietracks # 5 (aka the one with 3 Toms)

 Tom meets Tom & Tom..

 Bumped into fellow blogger Theodora

Tom gets lost in a field

2012 - Indietracks # 6 (aka 'the one where it rained')

 Just found this picture of Sugar Paper Zine's stall...

2014 - Indietracks #8

 I bumped into Becca of The Weekend Collective

Made my own record player

2015 - Indietracks #9

 Janet & I happily snapping away...

 My friend Heather's band, Feature rockin' the indoor stage

And finally..

2016 - Tenth anniversary!

 Seeing bands play on trains is part of the fun

 Can crushing!

 Me & my friend Laura (who also featured in year #2!)
 Knitting whilst watching bands, sums up Indietracks pretty well!

The sun went down as 90s popsters Saint Etienne closed Saturday's set, before letting off giant balloons into the crowd! Well done Indietracks, on ten great years and many happy memories.



  1. I'm so sad I didn't go this year, and these photos have just made me more so! I suspect next year will clash with my wedding. Stupid wedding.

    1. Ah that's a shame! I know of someone who got married at Butterley station!


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