Sunday, 29 May 2016

My So Called Life Zine - submissions sought!

Last month I headed to Sheffield to meet up with Janet who was visiting the Sheffield Zine Fest. There were so many inspiring stalls there, with zines on various subjects ranging from periods, diets and anxiety to one zine dedicated to Bruce Springsteen's butt! Weirdly, just as I was remarking to Janet that it would be great to make a zine dedicated to my favourite TV show as I was growing up, My So Called Life, I spotted a zine called 'Has anyone seen Tino?' on a nearby stall and was told that there was a zine on another stall containing pictures of Jordan-'I love how he leans'-Catalano. So I've decided to group together with some fellow fans and create a zine dedicated to the wonderful world of Angela, Rayanne, Ricky et al.

If you'd like to contribute to the zine (be it an essay, a list, a drawing or whatever you like) just drop me an email. I'm hoping to collect everything together by the end of June!

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