Monday, 11 April 2016

A Trip to Haddon Hall (aka Prince Humperdinck's Castle in the Princess Bride)

"Have fun storming the castle!"

The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films, so when I discovered that some of it was shot in Derbyshire and that Prince Humperdink's Castle was under an hour's drive away I couldn't wait to visit.

Haddon Hall, near Bakewell in the Peak District was used as the Castle in the film, where Buttercup is taken against her will to marry the Prince. Westley, Inigo "You killed my father" Montoya and Fezzik then hatch a plan to rescue her before it's too late.

A still of Haddon Hall from The Princess Bride

The hall itself is a beautifully preserved Tudor manor, some of which dates right back to the 12th century. It was really fun exploring the medieval rooms, from the 'exercise room' (pictured above) meant for Elizabethan ladies  to walk up & down in so they wouldn't get a tan, to the kitchens which used a poor bow-legged dog to turn the spitroast! The gardens are also beautiful, with a lovely view of the countryside and river below. Entrance costs £13.50 which gains entry to the many rooms and garden.

Although there wasn't really any references to the film at the hall (besides the DVD in the shop!) it was a lovely afternoon which I would recommend to any film or history lovers!

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Food in Notts: Oscar & Rosie's Pizza

I first tried Oscar & Rosie's pizza on a trip to Das Kino, in the Lace Market with fellow bloggers Janet from Words That Can Only be Your Own and Elle & Becca (who have just started a lovely new blog called The Weekend Collective).

Last year Oscar & Rosie's branched out and opened up their own pizza restaurant in Thurland Street. You can read their story here. Famous for their 'metre of pizza' they also do darn good veggie and vegan options. Having now tried three veggie options I can safely say there's no wrong choice to be made!

Tip: The 14" pizzas are pretty huge; I haven't finished a full one yet, so you may want to share a pizza between two, or ask for a pizza box to take the rest home for tomorrow's breakfast (which is usually what I opt for!) They also don't take bookings for small groups but if you turn up early-ish you should be fine.
Menu: Last time I went I opted for 'The Frenchman,' a goat's cheese, beetroot, rocket & pesto pizza on a garlic base. Mmm. I've yet to try their mac & cheese but it also looks tempting.
Value for money? 14 inch pizzas are £14, but for the sheer size & fresh ingredients I'd say it's not bad value and you could always choose to split a pizza. 
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