Friday, 25 March 2016

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

This weekend Tom and I are starting on our DIY kitchen makeover. The plan is to make our small kitchen look roomier by painting our cupboards and walls white, changing the old tiles for white subway tiles and replacing the flooring and shelving. Here are a few kitchens that I pinned recently for inspiration. If our kitchen ends up looking as pretty as these I'll be very happy!

I'll post up a before and after soon, if all goes to plan... have a Happy Easter weekend!

Image above via Christina's Adventures



  1. must be fun, doing the DIY kitchen makeover. can't wait for the next entry! :)

  2. Hehe, your kitchen images look very similar to ours. Our worktops are now in together with the new sink- so exciting! Now just the tiling to finish...

    1. Hooray! We are currently in the process of painting our cupboard doors white.. a few more coats are needed! Have also spent around an hour today trying to find replacement handles in a brass colour to match our new tap, but to no avail!! Also cannot decide between white and grey grouting... oh the decisions..

    2. We went for grey grouting. Having painted the cupboards when I moved in, I thought we'd get away with leaving them but having everything else shiny and new makes them look a bit rubbish!


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