Friday, 25 March 2016

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

This weekend Tom and I are starting on our DIY kitchen makeover. The plan is to make our small kitchen look roomier by painting our cupboards and walls white, changing the old tiles for white subway tiles and replacing the flooring and shelving. Here are a few kitchens that I pinned recently for inspiration. If our kitchen ends up looking as pretty as these I'll be very happy!

I'll post up a before and after soon, if all goes to plan... have a Happy Easter weekend!

Image above via Christina's Adventures


Friday, 4 March 2016

Film Friday: Spotlight

Now that Spotlight has won the Best Picture Oscar it reminded me I hadn't posted a review of it...

Plot: Spotlight tells the true story of a team of journalists in Boston who uncovered the scandal of child molestation in the Catholic church.
Guest appearances: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams & John Slattery  star as the Boston Globe journalist team.
Fun Facts: Spotlight was directed by Tom Mcarthy, who also directed the wonderful The Station Agent and appeared in the final series of the Wire, playing a journalist...
Overall: Spotlight was an excellent film with great performances all round. The only criticism by Tom was that Ruffalo's acting was a little over the top at times...

Have you seen Spotlight? Did you think it deserved its Oscar?

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Make: A Jar of Good Things

Andrea posted an excellent list on her blog this week entitled '100 Things that make me happy and depend only on me'. The post reminded me of an idea which I nabbed from my creative friend Emma Blue at the beginning of the year. Emma posted a photo on Instagram at the end of 2015 of her 'jar of good things' which I loved. It's the simplest 'make' ever as all you need is an empty jar and some coloured paper!

The idea is to cut up some paper into strips and as the year goes by, write happy moments on them and collect them inside your jar. At the end of the year (on New Year's Eve?) you then look through the memories from the last year that you may otherwise have forgotten about. You could even geek out and categorise them using different colours, eg blue for friendship, red for love, green for adventures..? Sometimes I can be guilty of being a bit of a pessimist, so it's fun to try and focus on the positive things, however small they may be.
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