Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hidden bars and crazy golf in Manchester

On our trip to New York last September Tom & I enjoyed a trip to Barcade, a bar full of vintage arcade machines in Brooklyn, and wondered why this concept hadn't caught on back in the UK yet. This weekend on a trip to Manchester we discovered a place that came close, 17 Below. a hidden 80's cocktail bar that has just opened up below Dogs 'n' Dough, down a side alley. We headed down on Saturday night to try it out.

While the beers were slightly pricey (around £4.50 for a bottle of craft beer) the arcade machines were free to play which was a bonus! There weren't as many games as there had been in Barcade, but we had a lot of fun shooting pool to an '80s soundtrack (think Bobby Brown & the Pointer Sisters). I also had a go at Pacman and Track & Field, but lost pretty badly! 17 Below is definitely worth a visit when you're next in Manchester, though I'd recommend getting there early before it gets too busy.

On Sunday, we headed to an indoor crazy golf course that my brother had tipped me off about, called Junkyard. It's housed in a UV-lit warehouse & built out of reclaimed junk. Although our game seemed to whizz by quite quickly it was definitely unlike any course I'd played before! Again, best to book ahead as it's pretty popular, (the whole of Saturday was full) and only there for 12 weeks in total before it disappears. After Tom was declared winner we headed for a Sunday lunch at the Knott bar nearby, which rounded off a lovely weekend.

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