Wednesday, 24 February 2016

February, Lately

Watching The Great Interior Design Challenge (dark blue walls and copper piping seem to feature heavily this series!), The People vs OJ Simpson, Transparent season 2.
Netflix-ing I'm really enjoying the new Judd Apatow series, Love.
Sewing some pyjama bottoms... or attempting to! From the lovely Tilly & The Buttons book.
Reading Carrie Brownstein's autobiography (along with most people I know, it seems!), Bust magazine
Learning a bit of Italian on Duolingo ahead of a trip to Italy in May (and watching The Trip to Italy series again for inspiration!)
Pinning pictures of lovely (small) kitchens. We are planning to re-do ours, DIY style, in spring. I'm a little apprehensive but Tom assures me it'll be fine...


  1. I am reading AND learning the same as you. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

    1. Ha!! Maybe we should add each other on Duolingo? (can you do that?) I'm only on the food section so far though!

      My favourite word to say is 'ragazzo' but i get it confused with 'ragazze'!

  2. Yay for Bust mag! It's a sign of what a fascinating person she must be that I thoroughly enjoyed the cover interview with Jessica Williams without having ever heard of her.

    We're also planning stage 3 of our kitchen makeover (stages 1 & 2 - paint walls and replace flooring - having been completed 2 summers ago. We are nothing if not super indolent when it comes to DIY) so I'll be excited to see what you come up with. I am completely in love with having all the shelves - so much easier to keep tidy than cupboards and I love displaying ingredients in jars (super cheap Ikea versions of Kilner jars)


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