Monday, 16 November 2015

Make: Wax sealed envelopes

I have always wanted to try making wax seals, and in September I had the perfect opportunity to give it a go. My friend Emily and I organised a hen do for our friend, in a cottage in Derbyshire and we decided the venue was the perfect location for a murder mystery party!

We ordered a kit from eBay ('The Bullet, the Brie and the Black Cat'), which came with its own set of invitations to post to our guests. 

I bought red and gold coloured sealing wax sticks from an art shop in Derby (you can also get them online). They also sold proper metal stamps but as I wanted each envelope to be personalised with the initial of the recipient I decided to try using my own wooden stamp kit which I had bought previously from Tiger. I had mixed results before perfecting the art as you can see below...

What I learnt...

These seals took quite a few attempts before I perfected the letters! To light the wick of the wax stick (you can also use a candle) I used a lighter which sometimes took several attempts as the wick wouldn't light very easily, meaning I inhaled quite a bit of smoke! So be careful people, and make sure you do this in a well ventilated space. Also obviously be aware of the flame, as once you have dripped the wax on the paper, you need to make sure to blow this out safely before stamping. 

I almost gave up after a few failed attempts at letters, and as I used wooden stamps this meant I had to peel off the cool wax each time from the stamp, so using the metal stamps may be easier. My biggest revelation came when I realised that waiting the right amount of time before stamping made all the difference, so once you have slowly dripped the wax onto the envelope you need to wait around 30 seconds until it's semi-dry before stamping the letter on. Once you get it right, it is most satisfying! Give it a go! The murder mystery party was a lot of fun too.


  1. I love your glam murder mystery get-up! Looks like a fun hen party (at least, more fun than donning L plates and staggering round terrible bars and clubs).

    1. Yes I don't think I could cope with that kind of hen party!


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