Sunday, 11 October 2015

New York Diary, Part 2: Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island has appeared in many a film & tv show (Boardwalk Empire & The Warriors spring to mind), and although its popularity may have waned in recent years we couldn't resist a trip to the seaside when we were in Brooklyn. If you plan on visiting it's around an hour on the subway from the centre of Brooklyn. Even in late September the sun was shining, and I enjoyed a wander along the sea front with a huge ice cream, while Tom opted for a Polish potato delicacy, a Knish which was rather delicious.

Sad we missed out on this contest..

"Goodbye my Coney Island Baby..."

Although we didn't go on any rides I got to dip my toes into the sea and had a little paddle, although I sadly got bitten by mosquitoes which I didn't expect in September - beware!! Coney Island was a really fun place to visit for the day, and a great location for photo taking.



  1. Argh I really want to go here! I love a cheesy seaside visit :)

  2. Amazing photos! It looks like such a classic American experience, I'm sad I've never been on one of my trips to NY.


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