Friday, 9 October 2015

Film Friday: Orion - the Man Who Would be King

Plot: This week I had chance to watch new documentary, Orion, directed by Nottingham local Jeanie Finlay (Sound it Out, the Great Hip Hop Hoax). Finlay found an Orion record at a record Fair around 12 years ago and was determined to find out more about this masked man. The film tells the story of Jimmy Ellis, a singer whose voice was almost identical to the King's, and who built up a following after Elvis's death, fueling rumours that he was still alive.
Fun facts: There were rumours that Ellis was related to Elvis, as he was adopted when he was a child, photos of Elvis's Dad also bear a striking resemblance..
Overall: This was an interesting documentary, a must for Elvis fans but will appeal to anyone with an interest in music & the pursuit of stardom. Search it out!

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