Wednesday, 16 September 2015

To blog, or not to blog?

I realised lately that I took an unofficial 'August break' from my blog.  Lately I've started to wonder what place traditional blogs have in the ever-changing digital world. With the popularity of 'micro' blogging sites (such as Instagram) which are easy to flick through in a moment, is the popularity of blogs starting to wane?

I've really enjoyed blogging over the past seven years. Through this blog I've made new friends, been on adventures and documented moments I may otherwise have forgotten about. And I still enjoy visiting my favourite blogs. Yet, I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth continuing. Like many people, I work on a computer daily and when I get home from work I enjoy escaping the screen. Most blogging advice tends to re-emphasize the importance of 'blogging regularly' but this often isn't possible, and days, weeks and months can go by without the inspiration hitting me to blog. So for now, I'm getting out my sketchbook and will curl up in front of the Bake Off and wait to see if inspiration strikes...
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