Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bathroom makeover - Before & After

When we moved into our new house back in March we were lucky that most of the walls and decor were nice as they were, so we didn't need to change that much. However I thought the bathroom walls could do with a little spruce up, partly because there were holes left by a previous cupboard and partly because I thought a warm blue would look better than the sandy colour the walls were painted in before.

Painting was actually really fun and didn't take too long at all! We chose a duck egg blue colour which I'm really happy with, and found some travel posters of Nottingham and (Tom's home town) Peterborough on the Science Museum site, which has some fantastic vintage posters in categories like space and natural world.

On a trip to London a couple of months ago I couldn't resist a visit to Anthropologie. Their home and kitchen section is a-mazing, full of beautiful hand painted crockery. I wanted to buy ALL the things, but it would have pretty much broken the bank so I decided just to treat myself to this hanging planter, and I really how fresh it makes the room look.

I looked through my collection of 1950s magazines (bought from a shop called Granny's Treasures in my student days in Hull) and found a rather nice toothpaste ad to frame. I also found an old magazine rack for sale in our local Sue Ryder, and Tom thought it would go well in the bathroom - everyone needs a copy of 'The Superstars of Rock' to read on the loo right?! Although Boy George's face is perhaps a little intimidating...

I'm really pleased with the final bathroom. Now we just have our bedroom, the kitchen... and perhaps the attic to do! One step at a time...



  1. Gorgeous, love all the finishing touches! We've recently embraced minimalism and the walls are now looking a little, erm, the idea of using a vintage magazine!

  2. This looks amazing! It's incredible what a difference a lick of paint and some pictures and plants makes. I love the duck egg blue walls, and that magazine rack is a great find. We got a very similar one for our living room recently.


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