Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Furniture Makeover: Colourful Dining Chairs

For our latest home DIY project Tom and I decided to give some old dining chairs a splash of colour. I've been collecting wooden 'Ercol' style chairs over the last few months and have now amassed 6 mis-matching ones which cost between £3-5 each (plus one genuine Ercol which was £25 from eBay but covered in blotchy dark wood stain!)

After seeing some bright multi-coloured chairs on Pinterest we decided to give it a go ourselves and give four of the chairs a new lease of life.

For this project you'll need:

- Brightly coloured furniture paint (we used teal, lemon yellow, orange and slate grey) Note: you could use spray paint for a much quicker project, however the spray cans cost around £10 each, so it seemed more cost effective to buy tins of gloss, at around £3.50 each.
- Rough, medium & smooth sandpaper
- Gloves (don't sand without wearing gloves as Tom learnt! Ouch)
- Paintbrushes
- White spirit to clean your brushes between colours
- Old newspaper
- Clear gloss finisher spray
- Varnish/wood stain (if you want to do the seats separately as we did)
- Masking tape
- Elbow grease!

The whole project for four chairs cost us around £70 in total including the cost of the chairs, which isn't bad considering I saw some new ones that looked similar for sale in Homebase for £95 each!

Here are the chairs before, so you can see how scratched and faded they were...

First we gave them a good sand down. Next we wiped them down with a damp cloth and masked off the edges as we were going to leave the seats natural before varnishing them.

Luckily we picked a sunny day! After the first layer of paint had gone on (beware of drips!) we let it dry, gave it another light sand down and then applied another coat. Once this was dried we removed the tape and varnished the seats. Finally we sprayed them with a clear gloss sealer for added shine and left it to dry overnight.

And here are the finished chairs! The project took the best part of a weekend to complete and we were pretty tired after all that sanding, but we're really chuffed with the results.

I do love the back of the Ercol chair above, I think it's my favourite one.

 (Here's an extra shot of camera corner, with added Elvis Costello...)

Have you tried giving furniture a makeover? Why not give it a go!


  1. Oh my, these look so flipping cool!
    I love a DIY weekend, though its hard to muster up the motivation, C and I have been meaning to paint the garden shed for months and months! We need a sunny weekend, some good tunes and possibly Pimms to help us along.
    Loving your housey DIY posts, and very envious of Camera corner, what a fabulous collection!
    E x

    1. Thanks E! We did indeed have a glass of Pimms as a reward for all our hard work! Would love to see your shed makeover when you get the chance to do it! One of my friends has a lovely turquoise coloured shed she's decorated with a horse shoe over the front door. x

  2. Really lovely! Look forward to seeing them!

  3. These look amazing, such a great idea! After painting my garden furniture a fabulous bright blue in the spring, I've caught the furniture painting bug. If we ever have a house large enough for a dining room, I'm totally stealing this idea.

  4. They look great and of course, I love camera corner :)

  5. They are brilliant! They look like something that would cost £100 a piece in Shoreditch!x


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