Friday, 3 July 2015

Film Friday: Obvious Child

Plot Obvious Child stars Jenny Slate as aspiring comedian Donna who is dumped by her boyfriend in a Brooklyn bar toilet after one of her shows. She goes through a bit of a late twenties crisis, and ends up with an unwanted pregnancy to deal with.
Guest appearances Gaby Hoffman (Girls) plays her best friend (who seems to pop up in everything right now!)
Fun facts Jenny Slate is the creator of the strangely addictive internet sensation Marcel the Shell with shoes on...
Overall I really enjoyed Obvious Child, actually one of the few films I've seen that deals with sex and abortion in a straight talking manner, without copping out. It is sharply written with a lot of funny moments.


  1. I love this film! Jenny Slate is so talented

  2. I really, really want to see this! I keep asking Thomas to download it and he keeps forgetting, will have to remind him again tonight.


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