Friday, 10 July 2015

Film Friday: Going Clear - Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Plot Going Clear is a new documentary about the inner workings of Scientology, featuring interviews with ex Scientologists, as well as archive footage.
Guest appearances Old footage of John Travolta and some rather embarrassing clips of Tom Cruise being a bit strange both feature, as you might expect!
Fun facts The film has struggled every step of the way to find distribution. According to director Alex Gibney, "Every step of the way, every distributor, every festival has received multiple threatening letters from the Church of Scientology. Some have come very close to buckling." Apparently Louis Theroux is also working on a similar documentary, but when it'll see the light of day is anyone's guess..
Overall Going Clear was an eye opening documentary, which was at times funny, at others downright shocking. It was difficult to comprehend why some people were drawn into Scientology for so long before seeing sense. It was also eye opening to see how much money the organisation has made whilst being exempt from normal tax laws in the US.

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  1. This film made scientology look in equal measures terrifying and ridiculous! I feel for the poor people who don't see their brainwashed families anymore


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