Sunday, 10 May 2015

Made: Cushion covers

This blog was originally started as a way of documenting my creative projects and inspirations, but over the years I have let the 'make & do' aspect slip a little to the wayside. But moving house has meant the perfect chance for me to get creating again.

Since buying our burnt orange coloured armchair I wanted to make some cushions that were grey and orange to complement it, to go on our sofa opposite. I looked far and wide but couldn't find any fabric I really liked until a friend sent me a link to Miss Matatabi's fabric shop on Etsy. So many pretty patterns! And the postage was pretty cheap too. In the end I chose this Japanese fabric which I love.

I bought the cushions at Primark a few years ago for about £1 each - this was the original tartan cushion cover, slightly naff ... but it took me a while to get around to replacing them!

I followed this tutorial to make cushions with an envelope seam, perfect if you want to use two contrasting fabrics for the front and back. Last week my neighbour April (who has a lovely sewing blog, Thimbles & Teapots) kindly gave me some spare fabric to use on the back of the cushions so I was all set!

My sewing machine was given to me by my Nan who used it back in the '70s, and I'm happy to say it's still going strong! Although I did have to replace the thread in the bobbin to begin with, which took me forever as I'd forgotten how to do it (a YouTube tutorial helped!).

My sewing soundtrack was the new Sufjan Stevens album, perfect listening for a rainy evening.

I'm really happy with the final cushions (although I may invest in a rotary cutter next time as I found it hard to get straight lines when cutting the fabric). I'm glad I'm back in the creative loop and excited about more sewing projects now that I've dusted off my machine again!



  1. I love your grey couch! The fabric ties the chair together with the sofa nicely.


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