Friday, 22 May 2015

Film Friday: Far from the Madding Crowd

Plot Thomas Hardy's story is set in the fictional Wessex, and revolves around Bathsheba, a strong independent woman whose uncle leaves her his farm to manage. She is pursued by three very different men - Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer,  Frank Troy, a mischievous soldier and William Boldwood, a wealthy bachelor. But Bathsheba doesn't want to be any man's property!
Guest appearances Carey Mulligan is great as Bathsheba, and Michael Sheen is also strong as Boldwood, although I wasn't quite as struck on the other male leads.
Fun facts Carey Mulligan was allowed to ride her own horse in the film and ended up getting concussion which lasted throughout 6 weeks of filming.
Overall I really enjoyed FFTMD; of course being a Hardy story there's a fair amount of tragedy (the film kicks off with a sad moment right at the beginning involving a flock of sheep!) The countryside scenes were beautiful and I have to admit I did do a fair share of 'aww'-ing when Gabriel gave her a pet lamb at the beginning- how can you say no to that, Bathsheba?! 


  1. Omg the sheep bit! Awful! But I enjoyed the film way more than I expected, despite the frustrating 'well if you'd just done this at the beginning then you could have avoided all that' feeling...

    1. Haha me too! I did think it'd end a lot more tragically than it did..

  2. Lol Wessex isn't fictional....

    1. Hmmkay - from Wikipedia: "The English author Thomas Hardy used a fictionalised Wessex as a setting for many of his novels"


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