Friday, 1 May 2015

Film Friday: Cobain - Montage of Heck

Plot Montage of Heck is a new documentary about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. It's endorsed by his family and includes footage of Kurt as a toddler right through to home videos of him with Courtney and his own baby, Frances. 
Guest appearances Apart from family, Courtney features, in past footage and recent footage. I did notice that Dave Grohl was strangely absent (edit: after some googling, apparently Grohl's footage was recorded too late on to make it into the film).
Fun facts Montage of Heck was named after a mixtape Kurt made, which was released online last year featuring some of his favourite music.
Overall This was a really good documentary. The animated sections worked really well and brought some of Kurt's drawings to life, though Tom and I pondered afterwards whether we'd be happy with some of our personal sketchbooks being revealed to the world or not. Some of the footage is a bit uncomfortable to watch too as it is so personal. But I did enjoy seeing early clips of the band, and the music still sounds great; I was reminded of just how good a songwriter Kurt was.


  1. I only realised this was on at Phoenix when it was too late to see it - aaagh! Gutted! I have had another friend make the comment about feeling slightly uncomfortable about seeing the more personal stuff. Neverthless, I'll be watching as soon as it's available online.

    1. Ah... it's on at Quad next week if you were willing to drive to Derby! x

  2. I'm excited about seeing this


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