Friday, 17 April 2015

60 years of Miffy

Three years ago whilst on holiday in Holland, Tom & I took a day trip to Utrecht, and top of my list was a visit to the the Dick Bruna Museum. It was a wonderful place filled with original drawings of Bruna's famous bunny, Miffy. I'd certainly recommend a trip if you're ever in the Netherlands as it's such a fun, colourful museum (with an excellent shop!)

On 21st June Miffy turns 60! I was contacted recently asking if I'd like to review some Miffy books to celebrate her birthday and I couldn't say no.

Miffy's Garden (she learns to grow her very own carrots!), Miffy's Birthday and Miffy and Melanie ( a more recent tale in which she gets a visit from a penpal) are all sweet books that would make lovely gifts for younger children. (Or young at heart adults.. ahem). For even higher levels of cuteness visit the Miffy blog here.


  1. Ohhhh! Lucky you! I used to have bright orange Miffy curtains in my bedroom when I was little and it is to my great regret that I didn't keep them.

    1. Amazing! I wonder where they ended up! x


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