Monday, 16 February 2015

Life, Lately

Posts may be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks as Tom and I have *finally* had a completion date for the house we are buying. Hurrah! It took the best of six months but moving day is just a few weeks away so we've been busy packing up boxes (with me getting rather distracted, finding old memories at the bottom of drawers... 'look, an actual tape!' 'I'd forgotten all about this!' etc).

We've also been having a proper sort of things we don't need and bundling down to the charity shop whenever we can. We've even cleared out our huge bookcase (above), which we will really miss! It'll be strange to leave the Convent but I'm excited to have a whole house and garden of our own.

Apart from packing I've been...

Watching Transparent and really enjoying it as the series progresses. Also enjoying Catastrophe on Channel 4, Community & Better Call Saul on Netflix. And the Gilmore Girls.
Listening to old Kenickie songs I'd forgotten about. 
Making the most of still living in town and meeting friends for Sunday breakfasts
Looking forward to Pancake Day tomorrow!
Pinning house inspiration like crazy.

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  1. So happy to hear you are enjoying Transparent :) I've seen a few episodes of Catastrophe and like that so far! I used to enjoy the tunes of Kenickie and remember buying 'In your car'...Good luck with all the moving related stuff! Right, need to start thinking about pancakes :)

    1. Yes thanks for recommending Transparent, Kate - i got your letter yesterday too thanks :-) Ah i have the In Your Car single somewhere too.

      Yes to pancake time!!

  2. So exciting that you're finally able to pack! I hope all goes well with the move, I can't wait to see and hear all about the new house.

  3. The box of sketchbooks made me laugh. I sooo have some of those.

  4. Are they all your old cameras???? Wow! Good luck with the move! Ha, the sketchbooks are wonderful I bet!x


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