Friday, 6 February 2015

Film Friday: No Manifesto - a film about the Manic Street Preachers

Plot This week I went to see a new documentary about the Manics, directed by fan Elizabeth Marcus, who appeared afterwards for a Q&A. The film features fan interviews that stretch over a ten year period, then features the band themselves during 2005-7.
Guest appearances If you were an early Manics fan perhaps you were in this film?! Other than that the band Rush show up and are mentioned quite a bit!
Fun facts One of my favourite moments was discovering drummer Sean Moore is an avid gun collector and finds target practise 'relaxing'.. hmm!
Overall This is a really warmly made film that shows the band at their most human. Although I'm not an obsessive Manics fan (Nirvana and Blur were my favourites growing up!) I do like their early material and it was fun to hear from their fans who are amongst the most devoted I know of (one man in the audience said he'd seen the band live 87 times!). 


  1. I'm still sad I couldn't come :( And today's my day off and I'm sick again! Ridiculous.


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