Sunday, 18 January 2015

Unusual Museums #3 - Isaac Newton's house

Now that Tom is working in the National Space Centre his love for science has propelled (ahem) and so today we found ourselves heading into the Lincolnshire countryside to visit Isaac Newton's birthplace in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham. It was a gorgeous clear frosty day, and we had fun visiting the little science museum, playing with prisms and visiting the famous orchard where Newton saw *that* apple fall in the 1666.

The first tour when we arrived was full so we booked on to the second, and had a wander round the farm before entering the house where Newton was born - before finding ourselves booted out as there was no 'free flow' allowed; you must be on a tour to enter - oops!

 Pink Floyd eat yr heart out...

You can't get all that close to THE tree but there she is!

We then went for a lovely walk across the fields nearby before heading for a Sunday lunch. A lovely (and thoroughly science filled) Sunday indeed!


  1. I kind of hate museums that make you join a tour just to see inside - I guess I can see why but there's never time to look at everything! We went to some castle where they had a guide in each room and they just started talking when enough folk had gathered, that was much better :)

  2. It looks like the perfect sunny Sunday. I find that a lot of National Trust properties are closed in winter, so this is one for the list.


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