Sunday, 4 January 2015

January lately

Happy new year all! How have you spent your first days of 2015? Here's a few things I've been up to so far...

- Went a lovely walk around Newstead Abbey (and giggled at the swans trying to skate across the icy pond!)
- Went a photo-walk through The Park today and captured some images of the frost
- Warmed up over a hot chocolate in the lovely Sobar (the East Midlands' first alcohol-free bar and cafe - all profits go towards a drug & alcohol recovery charity)
- Had a pizza & Poltergeist evening with friends
- Discovered a cool new vintage furniture & poster shop near Nottingham castle

Some goals for January:
- Take a photo a day for Sarah's brilliant Two Days the Same blog
- Save money when possible (as we could be moving soon... we are still waiting to hear back)
- Sell some things we don't need on eBay
- Start drawing again
- Learn more about pivot tables in Excel (!)
- Continue with yoga
- Plan another blogger meet up
- Walk more, read more and worry less!



  1. New vintage shop you say?! Methinks a visit to Nottingham is in order...

    1. Yep! It's a bit pricey but nice to explore. They had several large vintage letters (I spotted a few E's but no J's that i could see though!) If you fancied a visit one Saturday just give me a holler!

    2. Let's do that! Bx

    3. Yep will definitely organise a trip up soon. I think Thomas and I are still overdue a trip to try the vegan pizza at Das Kino, so might try and combine the two.

      I really treated myself over the holidays and bought a marquee-style light-up letter, which I'm totally in love with. Our house is getting slightly ridiculous now, though, I think at last count there were 3 B's, 5 J's, 2 T's and one K (the first letter of my mum's maiden name) scattered around!

  2. Looks like fun! I've had lots of blustery walks and realised how bad I am at saying no to chocolates. In particular Ferrero Rochers. Blogger meet ups is a good one - I need to do more of that :)

  3. This will probably sound really random but we had to learn all about pivot tables last year at work and I've got a step by step word document all about how to do them. I'm more than happy to email it to you if that'd be any help. Not sure what your address is but if you drop me a message at I can wing it over your way :-)
    (having that all that though, when we were shown them it seemed fairly easy but we don't use pivot tables that often so it all looks a bit like gobbledygook to me now!) :-) xx


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