Friday, 30 January 2015

Film Friday: Wild

Plot Wild is the true story of Cheryl Strayed's journey across the US Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from the border of Mexico right up to Canada. Along the way she encounters creepy men, snow, extreme heat and a strange fox but it's nothing compared to what she went through before she began the journey.
Guest appearances Reese Witherspoon has now received an Oscar nomination for her role as Cheryl and Laura Dern is fantastic as her mother. Gaby Hoffman (Girls, Transparent) pops up as Cheryl's friend.
Fun facts Witherspoon dropped out of Big Eyes to do the movie.
Overall I really enjoyed Wild, there are a lot of flashbacks to sad moments in Cheryl's life so I was rooting for her all the way - but that backpack she set off with was way too big! I also enjoyed the soundtrack with Simon & Garfunkel and the Shangri Las.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this. And I was really excited to find a copy of the book in a charity shop for a couple of quid the other day - now I have to decide whether to read the book before or after I see the film!

    1. Oh nice, i am quite keen to read it now too!

  2. If the soundtrack is anything to go by, I'm really going to like this. I also loved the book and am glad to hear that the film hasn't softened any of its harder edges. On a side note, have you seen Transparent? I'm yet to find anyone who has watched it, I'm obsessed with it ( it also has a brilliant soundtrack) so naturally want to talk about it with everyone I know!

    1. I've only watched the first episode of Transparent, as Amazon had it free for 24 hours last weekend, but I really want to watch the rest! Might do the 2 week Prime trial then cancel after watching it all!


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