Friday, 16 January 2015

Film Friday: Big Eyes

Plot: In Tim Burton's Big Eyes, Amy Adams plays painter Margaret Keane whose (rather scary!) pictures of wide eyed waif-like children became super popular in the 1960s - unfortunately her husband Walter took all of the credit for them.
Guest appearances: Jason Schwartzman is funny as the snide gallery owner across the road who looks down on Keane's paintings as very low-brow...(and er, who could blame him?)
Watch this if you're a fan of... This film wasn't overly 'Burton-esque' - (which was a good thing for me as I had got rather sick of seeing Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp dominate his work!) but has been called his best film since Ed Wood.
Overall: I really enjoyed Big Eyes - even if I can't quite make my mind up about Amy Adams, she was very strong as the lead. Christoph Waltz provided a lot of funny moments. The film did make me wonder how Keane let the charade play out for SO long though!

PS I have started a goal of seeing one new film a week this year. I'm doing well so far... (I work in a cinema, so it should be easy right?!) We'll see how I do!


  1. Hmm I liked the look of this film but the idea of Tim Burton making a 'based on true events' type film just screams 'good god no!' to me... I'm jealous tho, I miss working in cinema :)

  2. We saw this the other week, I agree, it's not quite as 'Tim Burton' as his other films but I did still really enjoy it. I'd heard of Margaret Keane before but didn't really know her story so it was really interesting to learn all about it :-) xx


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