Friday, 12 December 2014

Film Friday: My favourite winter movies

Christmas is gradually creeping up, and in the build up I've been getting through some of my favourite films set in winter time, including...

1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles
"Those aren't pillooooows!" Steve Martin and John Candy make the perfect odd couple who form an unlikely friendship on an eventful trip home for Thanksgiving.

2. Fargo
Plenty of snow in this one! And some great accents to boot.

3. Little Women 
This movie stars a few of my fave actresses, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes and a young Kirsten Dunst. I love the Victorian Christmas scenes (plenty of greenery and candles). I'd forgotten that Christian Bale stars as 'Laurie' which is quite odd. The film slightly lets itself down toward the end for me though when Gabriel Byrne enters the scene as Winona's love interest.. I just don't see the attraction!

4. Girl, Interrupted
I recently rewatched this (on my Winona-binge) as I remembered it being quite a 'wintery' film. It's based on the memoir of Susanna Kaysen, who spent 18 months in a mental hospital in the late 60s. Jared Leto pops up as Susanna's boyfriend who gets drafted to fight in Vietnam and asks her to run away with him to Canada - but she refuses! This is a pretty depressing film truth be told.. but a good watch all the same.

5. Cool Runnings
By some miracle I managed to avoid seeing this film growing up, I recently watched it for the first time and enjoyed it!

6. Groundhog Day
Bill Murray ends up stuck in the town of Gobblers Nob (I kid thee not), and must relive Groundhog Day again.. and again.

7. The Shining
A classic winter horror.

What are your favourite (non-Christmas) winter films - are there any good ones I've missed?


  1. I've been so ill this week that my usual festive film watching has gone by the wayside. I love the inclusion of Little Women here, and Fargo is always one I try and watch in winter. I have to admit, though, my seasonal film watching is usually more focused on summer - Dazed & Confused and Much Ado About Nothing are two that I just cannot imagine watching at another time of year. In winter I do tend to stick to the Christmassy rather than the generally wintery.

  2. Walter Mitty seems to be my new Christmas movie, unsure why, maybe because it focuses on living in the now rather than fantasy.


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