Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Great September Save-athon

After sharing my news yesterday about house buying, it's become clear that Tom and I really need to knuckle down and save money whenever we can. It seems we are not alone, as Janet also announced yesterday she is embarking on an autumn spending ban.

I will be keeping track of how much I manage to save this month, and have thought of the following ideas to help us pinch pennies...

1. We'll be making every Monday into a 'no electricity night.' I wrote about this previously here, and it basically involved turning off electrical devices, TVs, laptops and lights and lighting candles to spend an evening as they did back in the pre-electric age! This Monday involved us attempting a new card game (unsuccessfully as it happened, the rules were a little complex!) and me learning a new song on the guitar which I've not touched for months. I also broke the rules slightly by baking some cookies using our electric fan oven. Shh, don't tell anyone..

2. I aim to take a packed lunch to work every day this month. This may prove tricky as I often rely a bit too heavily on cheese sandwiches and get bored, but it should force me to be more inventive with my lunches! Wraps, pasta and heating up leftover curries etc will help.

3. Declining all invitations
 to the pub/lunches - and having friends over to ours instead  (with two possible exceptions that were planned last month!) I posted up some ideas on cheap nights in here.

4. A ban on buying clothes, books, newspapers and other unnecessary items for the month

5. Cooking more food in batches that can be reheated throughout the week

Do you have any other money saving tips you'd like to share? Or any frugal recipes?


  1. Good luck! The 'no electricity' night is such a nice idea, I might try something similar. I've got a lot better about taking packed lunches recently, and it cuts down my spending massively (it's always quite scary to realise how much I spend on school dinners). The only one I wouldn't manage is number 3 - I would hate to turn invitations down because I can be a bit too much of a homebody so I try to get out when the opportunity arises.

    1. Hehe yes, i don't like saying no to invitations either - i did make two exceptions for stuff already planned (a lunch with a friend i haven't seen for months and a gig!) so maybe i am cheating slightly..

  2. Good luck! Sounds like you've got the saving money covered but, for me, the trick is to still have enough of an outside life that I don't feel like I'm depriving myself - so, okay, I can't afford full price cinema tickets but I CAN afford a free film preview (I use ShowFilmFirst to find them); I can't afford a night in the pub but I CAN afford the free adults only bash at the art gallery... You get the idea. So that's my tip: do some research and find free but unusual ways to get yourself out of the house.

    1. Yes that's true, I am lucky enough to work for a cinema so i get to see films for free anyway so that's good. (Am excited about a forthcoming Jim Jarmusch season!) I think this month i'm just going to really try and invite people over to mine instead of going out to pubs, but we'll see how I get on! But you're right there's lots of nice free stuff going on like gallery openings etc so i don't think I'll go too stir crazy!


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