Sunday, 21 September 2014

A trip to Barter Books

This is a bit of a 'retro-post' as I visited Barter Books back in June but forgot to post about it! Located in Alnwick in Northumberland, Barter Books is one of the best bookshops I've visited.

The bookshop is located inside an old railway station and houses hundreds of books as well as a little cafe, and best of all a miniature railway runs round a track above the shelves!

It's also the place which kick-started the (slightly too ubiquitous!) Keep Calm and Carry On phrase into popularity. An old poster from WWII containing the slogan was discovered in a dusty box of books and put on display in the shop. Its design was so popular that customers started asking for a copy. You can hear the story of the poster and the shop in this video. If you're ever in the area I'd recommend a trip to Barter Books, I just wish I could have stayed there longer!


(PS This year has been a good one for bookshops - I visited Hay-on-Wye aka the town of books in May!)


  1. Barter Books is in my 'top five favourite shops I've ever visited' list! I once went two days in a row when holidaying near Alnwick, and first came across it just before I started my English degree - it was very handy for picking up lots of the reading list! And they let dogs in, so no one in my family had to impatiently wait outside while everyone else browsed! B x

  2. I have a friend who lives in Alnwick and she often gives me Barter Books envy. I would love to spend the best part of a day in there!


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