Friday, 8 August 2014

Film Friday: Brief Encounter

This week it was my dear old Dad's birthday, so I took him and my brother to see a classic of British film, Brief Encounter. I hadn't seen it for years but it was brilliant to see it restored on the big screen. 
Plot The film centres around a woman called Laura who meets a charming doctor at a railway station (I just realised 3 out of 4 of my recent posts have revolved around steam trains! Which is no bad thing..?) She is torn between her blossoming friendship with him and her domestic life at home with two kids and a crossword-loving husband.
Fun facts The film was made at the start of 1945 just before the war ended, and had to be filmed in the north of England so that they would receive sufficient warning in case of an air-raid attack. You can visit the iconic railway station and refreshment room used in the film in Carnforth which has been restored in recent years. (There is also a railway cafe in Wymondham, Norfolk called Brief Encounter that I remember visiting as a child!)
Overall They don't call it a classic for nothing. (Oh, and I learnt that at one time you could borrow books from Boots, who knew?)

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  1. I love Brief Encounter - it's one of my favourite films, such amazing and evocative shots and yep, anything with a steam train in is definitely not a bad thing! :-) xx


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