Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ten things we did at Indietracks

Indietracks is an indiepop music festival situated at the Midlands Railway Centre in Butterley, Derbyshire. I feel really lucky to live so close by as I can honestly say it's the nicest festival I've been to. Even if you're not a fan of indie-pop music there's still something for everyone to enjoy at the festival - plus you get to ride on steam trains for free! Here's a list of some super fun things I did at this year's Indietracks, including cardboard record players and hanging out at the 'beach' with B from Make Do & Spend..

1. We hopped on a steam train to the festival...

That's right, Indietracks has its very own train! Pretty exciting. But even better is..

2. Watching some music on a train..

Here's the lovely Shelley Jane entertaining the crowd with her ukulele pop...

3. We pretended we were at Blackpool in the 'beach' area...

 4. Bonded with some rescue birds...

5. Made a cardboard record player...

I lie - I attempted to make a cardboard record player. The basic premise it to fold some card, attach an old record using a split pin, then stick a needle to the other side and spin the record with your fingers to make a sound! Sadly I couldn't get much of a tune out of mine, but the tent was very hot and busy so I may need to have another attempt...

6. Tried out Now That's What I Call Dancerobics.. 

Working out only to songs featured on Now... compilations proved fun. Sweaty, exhausting fun. 

7. Explored the countryside in the sunshine

8. And discovered the railway museum at Swanwick Junction (which was spookily empty, and made us feel as if we were in The Walking Dead...)

9. Marvelled at the miniature railways

10. Watched Gruff Rhys perform a special show as the sun went down, perfect!



  1. Indietracks looks so perfect!

  2. I hope you saw vintage vixen and her kinky melon vintage clothes

  3. I've never heard of Indietracks before but it looks fab! Right up the mine and the other half's street - music *and* steam trains! :-) xx

    1. It's fab you should go along! xx

  4. Amazing photographs, I'm pretty jealous right now! Every year there seems to be something keeping me from Indietracks (this year - a wedding), maybe 2015 will be my year... I'm glad you and Becca managed to meet up too.

    1. Yes, next year we can all go :-) It was great to catch up with Becca too yep, turned out she and my friend Caroline who I went with knew the same people through their jobs, it is a small world!

  5. Fantastic photos but walking along the track is a MAHOOSIVE no-no, if you'd been caught they'd have had your guts for garters!


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