Friday, 25 July 2014

Film Friday: Boyhood

PlotBoyhood documents a boy's journey from the age of 5 to 19, and was shot using the same actors over a 12 year period, including Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason Jr's divorced parents. As Mason Jr grows older we witness the music, clothes, haircuts and other items changing too, the film begins with Coldplay's Yellow (boy does that seem like a while ago!) and changes over the course of the film until we reach present day.
Guest appearances: Director Richard Linklater's daughter Lorelei stars as Mason Jr's sister.
Watch this if you're a fan of.. coming of age stories, Linklater's 'Before..' series, snapshots into people's lives
Overall: I really enjoyed this film - one of the few films that actually needs to be longer than 90 mins! All the cast were very natural and convincing and you find yourself recognising parts of Mason's life as he leaves his childhood behind, moves house, finds new friends and eventually leaves home to start college. Go see!


  1. I loved it and couldn't believe it when the credits came up - I wanted to see more!

    1. Wasn't it great! I was intrigued to know what happened to his parents too though, especially his mum. Weirdly an older couple in the cinema walked out 20mins before the end when i saw it, maybe they didn't check the film length beforehand!

  2. I LOVEDDDD ITT!!! The director is just so talented at getting the best, most naturalistic shots out of the actors.


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