Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Make: a Super Mario Pixel Cake

Last weekend Tom celebrated his 29th birthday party the only way he knew how - by organising a huge computer gaming party in the Chapel. (In case you're new to this blog, I live in a convent which handily includes a beautiful chapel which can be hired for social gatherings - thought I doubt anyone had filled it with old games consoles before!). As I'm not much of a gamer I decided to concentrate on making some appropriate food for the occasion and when some friends suggested we make a Mario pixel cake I couldn't say no!

It did prove a little trickier than we'd imagined. In our google image searches for similar projects we didn't quite realise how many cakes would be involved when it came to the baking (143 in case you're wondering!)  Thank goodness we decided to make really small cakes (made using petit fours cases) as if we'd made them full size Mario wouldn't have fit on to our table! We used coloured icing paste which worked out really well (although it can get a little messy, especially in a tiny kitchen such as mine.) We were chuffed with the final cakes anyway - in fact I still have a container full which need finishing... hooray! [Recipe below]

If you're crazy enough to try these too you will need:
- 143 tiny cake cases 
- blue, yellow, pink, red and brown icing (choc buttons for the feet optional!)
- Victoria Sponge ingredients:
300g caster sugar
300g self raising flour
300g softened butter
6 eggs
2 tablespoons milk

We used this recipe to make a Victoria sponge mixture, then spooned it out into the cases. We needed to bake them in three lots (with 3 cake trays full each time!) but it only took the cakes around 10mins to bake as they were so small, at around 180 degrees C.

While they are baking, prepare your coloured icing! We used paste colours like these which you mix with icing sugar and water. When the cakes are cool spoon on the icing, then meticulously arrange to create the final character, as above. Go go Mario!


  1. Wow this is so cool! Flashback to that summer I was addicted to my Game Boy...

  2. This is so awesome! I wish I knew a gaming fan to make them for, but no-one springs to mind (we had Sega in my house so we're a Sonic rather than Mario family)

  3. Amazing job!! What a great idea!


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