Monday, 30 June 2014

Ideas on Paper (a magazine lover's dream)

One of the things I love about Nottingham is the number of new creative spaces that keep popping up here. When Janet visited a few months ago we discovered the lovely Cobden Chambers, in Nottingham's newly named Creative Quarter. Situated near the Bodega Social, it's a pretty space full of indie shops, including a brilliant magazine shop called Ideas on Paper. I popped in this weekend for a browse and decided to treat myself to one of the pretty magazines on sale there. Choosing which one proved to be difficult as there were so many beautiful publications on sale! Alex, the owner is a friendly chap who was on hand with recommendations aplenty (and fresh coffee!), and in the end I plumped for a copy of Lionheart. If you're a fan of independent magazines I'd definitely recommend a trip to the shop and a visit to Cobden Chambers which also plays hosts to regular gigs and vintage fairs. Right, I'm off to read my magazine with a cuppa. If you have any favourite magazines to recommend, I'd love to hear!



  1. definitely sounds like my kinda shop! Extra Curricular (NZ based mag) is one you could take a look at, if you like Lionheart and Oh Comely :)

  2. Oh gosh - how did I miss this post?! I'm definitely planning a visit. My favourite magazine is Frankie from Australia - but it's a little pricey and sometimes tough to find. I've also got a subscription to Oh Comely. They are so so much better than the rubbishy women's magazines you get in supermarkets - they just seem to say the same thing over and over and make me feel a bit rubbish. Much better to be inspired! Bx

    1. I love Frankie too! Yes it is a bit of a treat! They didn't have it at the shop unfortunately, but Lionheart was very good too. x


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