Thursday, 12 June 2014

Great British Road Trip Pt 2 - The Withnail and I Cottage

On our last day in the Lake District it started to drizzle, so Tom and I packed up our tent and loaded the car up for our drive to Edinburgh. On the way we just had to stop off at a house found in one of our favourite films, Withnail and I. In case you've never seen it the film focuses on two struggling actors in the late 60s with a fondness for booze, who escape London to go on holiday 'by mistake.' They end up at Withnail's Uncle Monty's farmhouse, near Penrith which we decided to track down.

What we didn't realise was that the house was so remote it didn't seem to be accessible by car. After googling the postcode and ending up in a tiny village, we eventually got directions to walk up the house. I would only advise this trip to the dedicated Withnail fans! We clambered up hills, past farmers, over a stream and finally we got to the cottage. Hurray! It doesn't seem to be currently inhabited as it's being renovated but there is a sign in the window saying people can arrange to view the inside if they email prior to visiting. We were both surprised by just how remote the cottage was, you'd probably need a tractor to reach it these days.

On a door just outside the house fans have scribbled quotes from the film. It was wonderful to see the real Withnail cottage, I might start a campaign for a blue plaque to be installed there to commemorate the wonderful film, it's surely part of our English heritage, right?


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  1. Very impressive that you made it there! Such a cool thing to say you have done :)


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