Thursday, 1 May 2014

Blog Every Day in May #1 - What is your blog about?

Above: the Convent is a spooky place to live..

[I've decided to take on the #BEDM challenge, let me know if you're doing the same!]
BEDM #1 - What is your blog about? 

I have been blogging at Make Do & Mend since 2008 and have somehow managed to clock up over 1000 posts in that time! I started my blog as a way to document my creative inspirations. I was working as a Graphic Designer at a software company at the time, but wasn't feeling particularly inspired. Me and my workmate read Design Sponge regularly and thought 'we could do that!' I started out posting about illustration I loved (and interviewed a few of my favourite creatives, including Gemma Correll and Jon Burgerman) and I also enjoyed posting about experiments with lo-fi cameras & polaroids.

Over the years my blog has become more like a photo diary of sorts, from my first post about - well, nothing in particular, to the weekend when Tom and I first moved in together. It's really fun to look back on these bits of my life, and I enjoy getting a glimpse into other people's adventures on their blogs as well. I love the blogging community and the friends I've made here over the years. So far I've enjoyed meeting with Adeline & Janet, swapped post with Kate and Bianca and bumped into Theodora at an indie-pop festival!

Sometimes I hit a bit of a block when it comes to blogging but I usually pick it back up again after a while. When I was younger I wrote in diaries every day and I guess blogging is a natural continuation of this.

I do have a few blog-regrets at the moment. I never take a 'proper' camera with my anywhere any more and consequently have less pictures to share. I blame phone cameras, which are easy to carry around but never quite as good quality. But I have discovered that Instagram is actually quite fun (I avoided it for years as I didn't want to lose my photo mojo but it's a lovely way of getting a glimpse into friends' days).

I'd also like to redesign my blog and I'd love to post more crafty 'how tos' and recipes. But for now, trying to complete the 'Blog every day in May' is a big enough challenge I think!


  1. Hi, I am also doing BEDM ( and I stumbled on your blog. I love the design of it, really beautiful! I like what you say about a blog being like a diary, my thoughts exactly, and a really nice thing to have and look back on.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  2. I'm looking forward to your May posts! Thanks for the letter and postcards! Will reply soon! I know what you mean about photos - I too have become reliant on my phone when I must have about 40 cameras?? I didn't know you had instagram so will add you :)

  3. I'm really enjoying reading all of today's BEDM posts, because it's interesting hearing why and how people got into blogging. I am exactly the same as you with regards to cameras - I went out for the day this week and I didn't take my camera, and I really wish I had! But like you, I'm a total Instagram convert, and I think I probably use it too much!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your BEDM posts!

    Jane x

  4. I'm so excited for this challenge. Really looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Mel's Corner

  5. Hello fellow #BEDM-er! I've been following you for a while anyway (not in a stalkerish way, though) - look forward to reading the rest of your #BEDM posts! :-) x

  6. Good luck! I decided not to take part this time around, but will be keenly reading what everyone else has to say.


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