Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BEDM #7 - My favourite gadgets over the years...

1980s - I loved my Sega Megadrive, which was kindly donated to me by an older cousin who no longer played on it. Sonic the Hedgehog is still the only computer game I'm any good at! I also had a little black and white portable TV which gave me chance to watch Interview with the Vampire secretly when I was little.

1990s - My trusty red Walkman traveled with  me on every family holiday I went on. My Salt and Pepa mixtape was on heavy rotation when I was a kid, as was Jagged Little Pill several years later. Perfect listening for an anti-social teenager!

2000s - My Polaroid camera became my favourite gadget after I found one in a charity shop six or seven years ago. I also loved my Lomography Fisheye camera (found in the same charity shop!) which uses 35mm film.

2010s - I hate to be predictable, but my iPhone is now my most used gadget. I think I am perhaps relying on it a bit too much though; when I'm on the bus I scroll through Twitter and when I'm waiting for a friend I check my emails. I need to start carrying a good book around with me instead and not get too absorbed in the virtual world!

What gadgets rocked your world when you were younger?


  1. My Game Boy was my most treasured gadget when I was younger and when visiting my parents at the start of the year I hunted it out and was amazed to find it still works so it has, along with the cartridge for Tetris, moved back up the list of my favourite gadgets again.

  2. Sega Mega Drive, also! I had my own in my bedroom and would be locked in there often playing Sonic, Columns and Ecco the Dolphin. I had a Game Boy, too, but only played Tetris on it. I'd also day the iPhone is my current favourite gdget. I rarely use real cameras anymore because I enjoy instant photos and all the editing apps at the moment.

  3. I wasn't allowed a "games computer" when I was a kid but I remember getting all excited when one of my friends got a Commodore 64 for his birthday - we all ended up crowded round at hs house! :-) x


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