Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BEDM #6 - Passion Projects

I didn't have to think for long before deciding what to post about for today's 'Blog every day in May' topic, 'passion projects'. Drawing has always been one of my biggest passions, ever since I was little. I think I inherited it mainly from my Mum who was brilliant at art. I thought I'd share a few pictures from one of her sketchbooks which I treasure (below), which she started in 1979. It really is a wonderful object, full of drawings of fruit, trees, animals, churches and seaside trips as well as sketches of my dad, his friends and beloved pets from years gone by.

My mum's old sketchbook..


Drawing has brought me a lot of pleasure over the years. Tom and I first bonded over a love of comic books (Blankets in particular) and going to the same drawing group helped us become closer friends. The drawing group was held above a pub which has now become our 'local'. People would meet every week to pose for and sketch each other which was free and such good practice!

Looking through our collection of sketchbooks there's quite a pile! It's lovely to look back over comics I've drawn over the past 5 or 6 years. There are events and conversations captured in them that I would have otherwise forgotten, doodles from journeys we've been on, funny cartoons and portraits Tom and I drew of each other when we first got together. I haven't done as much drawing recently, since I finished my last comic in fact, and looking back through sketchbooks has made me really want to pick up a pencil again.

 Above: the original drawing for my blog picture on the right.

Do you like to draw? I'm looking forward to reading about other people's passions and what inspires them!


  1. Drawing is the one skill I'd love to have, but just don't. I love your drawings, they're so full of personality and life. And Tom's too - it was nice to see the differences in your styles when I read the travel zines you did (still can't believe I randomly found them on a market stall!).

    1. Thanks Janet, glad you liked the zines :-D

  2. I just found you today, yes yes I love to draw, to paint as well, its my passion, as important as breathing, your mum was (?) so talented and you have inherited her talent!!! Its lovely to meet you, I have bookmarked your site so I can return!

    1. Thanks Laurie, and thanks for visiting :-) Glad you share the passion!


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