Sunday, 30 March 2014

March in pictures

Spending a weekend with my Nan | A lovely sky over the Park in Nottingham

A sunny walk in Stamford | The Bridge near MediaCity, Salford

The wonderful Fred Aldous store + photobooth, Manchester | Amazing cakes in Teacup, Manchester

Watching Round the Twist, Girls, Louis Theroux
Reading The Psychopath Test, The Color Purple, Oh Comely
Catching many trains (I've just discovered that there is a 'Two Together' railcard for two people catching the same trains - thanks Sally!)
Giggling to David Sedaris' live show
Buying tickets to see Macauley Culkin's band The Pizza Underground (!)
Planning our summer UK road trip, thanks for all the brilliant tips!
Looking forward to meeting Janet next weekend for lunch, picnics in the park, seeing friends and publishing a new zine.


  1. Yay, I'm looking forward to it! Still sad that I can't come to the Pizza Underground show though :(

  2. Yay the psychopath test :) How are you finding it?
    I loved Round the twist as a kid, it has one of the best theme tunes of all time!
    and I really want to visit Manchester just to use the photobooth, I think its the only one in the UK thats not in London.

    1. I really enjoyed reading the Psychopath Test. Although it did make me think about who i knew who could be borderline hehe!

      Yes I'd fully recommend buying series 1 of Round the Twist and singing along to it on a Saturday morning!


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