Friday, 7 March 2014

Film Friday: Broken Flowers

: On the day that Don Johnston's (Bill Murray) girlfriend walks out on him, he receives a mysterious pink letter from an ex, telling him he now has a son. The letter is anonymous and Don's friend encourages him to hunt down the sender.
Guest appearances: lots of familiar faces pop up as Don's ex girlfriends. But my favourite cameo is Bill Murray's real-life son Homer Murray (I kid you not) who pops up briefly at the end of the film!
Watch this if you're a fan of.. Bill Murray, mysteries, typewriters, great mix CDs
The film leaves quite a few questions unanswered which can be a bit frustrating, but I enjoyed giving it another watch as I couldn't remember much from when it first came out. The director Jim Jarmusch has another film out at the moment, Only Lovers Left Alive - let me know if you've seen it!

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