Monday, 10 February 2014

Sightseeing in the Peaks

On Thursday evening Tom & I watched the film Sightseers for the first time. For anyone who's not seen it, the film depicts a couple's trip across England, taking in the sights from the Peak District (where they stop at Crich Tramway Museum) up across the Yorkshire Dales, caravan in tow. Things then start to get a little dark as they kidnap a dog and start to get a taste for murder! Tom summed it up as a cross between Nuts in May and Natural Born Killers and it had lots of funny moments.

By coincidence the next day we found ourselves a few miles from where the film starts off, in a tiny village called Whatstandwell in Derbyshire. My auntie was looking after a friend's B&B there and invited us to stay. The cottage was lovely, with geese and chickens roaming around the garden and the view was beautiful. On Friday we explored the vintage shops in nearby Matlock, where we found a brilliant little record shop. We ate at a veggie cafe there before heading back to watch an old James Stewart film curled up by the fire. It was a really nice break, and great to escape the traffic and spend some time outdoors (with a rare bit of sunshine included, hurrah!).



  1. Matlock looks like in interesting place to visit, will add it to my list of day-trip locations! I loved Sightseers, although it was one of the films I watched with T in our early days of dating, which was pretty uncomfortable at times! We seemed to have a talent for choosing pretty explicit films without realising - another one we saw (on, I think, our 3rd date) was Rust & Bone.

  2. I hadn't heard of that film before, and now I'd like to see it. I had a summer job in Matlock Bath in my teens, and I visited Crich and Cromford with school. Derbyshire is quite nice, isn't it.

  3. Derbyshire is one place we haven't got round to visiting yet, we keep meaning to as the other half really wants to go to Crich Tramway Museum - perhaps we'll have to book a weekend away sometime this year! :-) x

    1. Yes you should do, it's lovely! I remember going to Crich Tramway Museum on a school trip as a kid, I want to go back!


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