Friday, 21 February 2014

Film Friday: The Lego Movie

: In The Lego Movie an ordinary Lego figure is chosen to protect the universe from the evil tyrant who wants to GLUE it together.. (glue is the nemesis of Lego, duh!)
Watch this if you're a fan of.. Lego would be an obvious one...
Guest appearances: quite a few famous peeps do the voices. I also enjoyed Lego Batman's role! Plus Will Ferrell pops up towards the end of the film and he's not actually annoying for a change (I'm not a massive fan normally..)
Rating: 7/10 Fun fun - not just for kids! This could've been a film just fuelling Lego's huge empire but it manages to be funny and entertaining, and I liked the way the film changed toward the end ( warned, you may get the 'Everything is Awesome' song stuck in your head. Damn, it's catchy.)

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