Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A trip to the Devil's Arse

On Sunday we managed another trip to the Peak District, this time to the brilliantly named Devil's Arse, a huge natural cavern in Castleton, Derbyshire. In case you're wondering, it got its name from the noise and stench made by the water flowing throughout the caves hundreds of years ago. However, in the 1800s Queen Victoria was due to visit the caves, and the name was swiftly changed to the way more boring 'Peak Cavern' to avoid embarrassment. The cave tour we joined was really good and our guide Max was super enthusiastic, and made what could have been a slightly damp tour a lot more fun!

The caves used to be home to a village of rope-makers and we were given a demonstration on rope making (more interesting than it sounds!) before entering the caves, stooping through 'Lumbago Walk' to the dark and damp Great Cave. Apparently Queen Vic wasn't very impressed with the caves, but we all enjoyed our tour and afterward headed to the local shop to buy freshly baked brownies for the journey home. If you fancy a tour of some of Derbyshire's amazing caves there's quite a few to choose from around the area, including the 'world famous' Blue John Cavern. (And I fully recommend watching the caves episode of Father Ted after you get home to round off your day!)

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  1. wow, never heard of the place and it's definitely on my bucket list now....thanks for that xx


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