Monday, 3 February 2014

A tribute to Teddy.

I wanted to write a post dedicated to Tom's grandpa, who sadly passed away this morning. Teddy was such a sweet and kind man, and when we visited him and his wife Enid in their Yorkshire home I was always made to feel so welcome. They even insisted on me calling them Granny and Grandpa too! As both my grandfathers died around the time I was born it was great to be able to share someone else's! I was surprised and pleased when I found out Teddy read my blog, saying he found it a lovely way to find out what adventures Tom and I had been on lately. Although he suffered from a long illness he was so brave and would never have dreamt of complaining and I have so much admiration for him. He will really be missed. x



  1. Sorry to hear about Tom's grandpa, it's always awful when someone close to use passes away. Think of his life has a celebration! Thoughts are with you and your dear ones!

    Good to know you've started on your 2nd year of the diary :) were you surprised by what a difference a year makes?

  2. What a lovely tribute. My thoughts are with you, Tom and his family.


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