Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to make a felted heart garland

For Christmas my auntie bought me a kit for making a string of felted hearts. So I got in touch with two crafty friends who coincidentally also had felting kits they hadn't yet used. We had a lovely 'crafternoon' eating cherry bakewells, listening to records and learning how to 'felt'. It's really easy and quite therapeutic as this method basically involves stabbing a pin through wool into a sponge a few hundred times (although watch you don't get a bit too quick with the needle and stab your finger like I did several times! OUCH, although it didn't seem to pierce the skin - move over David Blaine!)

You'll need:

Some felting wool in several colours
A felting needle
A plastic container to put it in
A regular kitchen sponge
A heart-shaped cookie cutter (or a shape of your choice)
Embroidery needle & thread

First place your cookie cutter over the sponge, inside a plastic container (e.g. a sandwich box). Then stuff the wool into the shape, and start stabbing away with the felting needle until the wool gets flatter. Turn over the shape and repeat on the other side and voila - eventually the wool turns into felt! Finally thread an embroidery needle and pierce the hearts to make a garland. There are several other methods for felting such as using water, but I found this one really easy and fun! These would make really sweet gifts for people and also make nice tree decorations later in the year. It would be fun to experiment with different cookie cutter shapes as well!


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  1. Love this! So cute. I keep meaning to give felting a try, just never got round to it!


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