Saturday, 7 December 2013

Norway photo diary

Last weekend me, Tom and some friends took a trip to Bergen, Norway for a few days. Some facts about Bergen - it's Norway's second biggest city (and we were assured by our Norwegian host, Bernt, a more down-to- earth town than Oslo with less crime - although I can't imagine Oslo being very crime ridden either). Fact two - it's the rainiest city in Europe. This we grew to believe over the course of our stay! But despite the rainy skies, Bergen is an immensely beautiful town. We were staying in a lovely cosy house, halfway up a mountain which meant the views of the city below were quite something to behold. Our host, Bernt told us he inherited his house from his grandparents, and as it's situated in a very expensive part of Bergen, renting it to visitors on AirBnB was a perfect way for him to pay his bills.

During our trip, we climbed all the way up Mount Fløyen (and almost got stranded as we roamed a bit too far from the path), went troll-spotting in the Old Town, saw fireworks in the main square (hiding under umbrellas, naturally) and visited the largest gingerbread town in the world! It's an annual tradition for school children in Bergen to build gingerbread houses, which are then placed in a museum to form a pretty town, full of fairy lights and edible treats (picture below). Although Norway is very expensive, we saved money by cooking for ourselves when we could, and I'd definitely recommend a visit to Bergen around December. With it's coloured wooden houses and fairy lights in every window, it's one of the prettiest places to spend a pre-Christmas break. 

We stayed in the blue house at the top in the picture above

 What will happen..?

 Our Air BnB home for the weekend

Bathroom selfie alert - i loved this old wallpaper -  it had gold shiny flowers on it!

After the mountain climb home we were glad to relax in front of a roaring fire!

 The largest gingerbread town in the WORLD!

Pretty houses in the Old Town


  1. These photos are lovely. I'd love to go there one day.

  2. This looks like the perfect pre-Christmas break! Not so keen on all the rain though.

    1. Yeah I think it'd have been nicer with snow, but it made the fire all the more cosy when we got back in! x

  3. Oh my, I had no idea you were going to Bergen! Hope you enjoyed your time in Norway!
    Next time, come to Oslo! I have a very comfortable fold-down couch! :)

    1. Thanks Adeline, I meant to tell you I was going - i would love to visit Oslo next time yes! You can give me your tour of the city :-)


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