Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Highlights of 2013

It's always fun looking back through photos from the year. This year I visited lots of cities starting with the letter 'B' (Brighton, Bristol, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels and Bergen!). I got a new bicycle for my 30th birthday, climbed a Norwegian mountain and a month ago started a new job in a cinema/art gallery. Here's to more fun and frolics in 2014!

 January - a visit to Darley Park in Derby

February - a wonderful weekend in Brighton, exploring cosy pubs and eating mega breakfasts

March - snow covers the Convent

April - hanging out at Wollaton Hall

May - a 30th birthday trip to Turkey

June - a trip to the Berlin wall

July - enjoying the sunshine at the Battle of the Proms picnic

August - a night in a cute little Yorkshire caravan

September - a trip to the Harry Potter studios!

October - beers in Bruges

November - Taking in the amazing view in Bergen, Norway

December - watching a Christmas film with friends in the Chapel (our very own little cinema!)

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  1. What a year of travels! Bruges is on my list for 2014.

    I think it's interesting that most of your photographs have people in them and almost none of mine did. I wish I wasn't so chronically camera-averse.


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