Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Films #2: Home Alone 1 & 2

Christmas-factor: 10/10
References to It's a Wonderful Life? Yep, in both films. 
Guest appearances: Home Alone 1 has John Candy, Home Alone 2 has Ally Sheedy and the wonderful Tim Curry. Both also star Macaulay's brother Kieran as Fuller (he who wets the bed...)
Moral of the story: If you suspect someone's going to break into your house, make sure you have Micro Machines at the ready. That and don't leave your ten year old behind, two Christmasses running... (let's just forget there was a third and fourth film made)
Trivia: Not only did Macaulay Culkin's character Kevin in the film LOVE cheese pizzas, the actor recently formed a pizza-themed Lou Reed covers band called The Pizza Underground. YES.


  1. I LOVE Home Alone 1. The final scene when his mum walks in has me crying every time. Although I did read a very funny thing recently, saying that Home Alone is the creation story of the killer in Saw!

    1. Oh I've never seen Saw! By the way i listened to the Pizza Underground demo on the bus today.. I'm Waiting for Delivery Man was a highlight! ha.


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