Monday, 4 November 2013

Nostalgia Q&A

I love a good bit of nostalgia, so thought I'd fill in this Q&A spotted on nekomentsu about some of my childhood favourites... (above: little me on my trike, concentrating a bit too hard.)

I was an avid fan of Enid Blyton up until the age of about eleven and used to stay up all night reading the Faraway Tree books as well as the Famous Five series. Oh to live on Kirren Island. I also loved Jacqueline Wilson stories, especially the Suitcase Kid. Then I (like Louise) discovered the joys of Point Horror books - trashy though they were! As a kid I loved to read and got through books much faster than I do now, these days I really struggle to find a book I really enjoy and more often than not stick to graphic novels.

I do miss the feeling of waking up on a Saturday morning and watching ridiculous kids tv til stupid o'clock. Live and Kicking, Rugrats, the Simpsons... but mine & my brother's all time favourite tv show was Pugwall. Starring a bunch of Australian misfits who formed a band called the Orange Organics, they were pretty spiggin' great. (One of the more annoying songs from the show can be found here on YouTube). I was also a massive Neighbours fan and would get quite upset if I missed an episode. Oh dear. In fact most of what I watched was Australian - The Girl from Tomorrow, Round the Twist - not forgetting Heartbreak High!

My favourite band as a kid was Salt 'n' Pepa. I remember getting excited when someone made me a tape of their greatest hits. I knew all the lyrics off by heart ("yes I am independent... I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it" - every kid could identify, right?!). I listened to it non-stop on my red Sony Walkman. Then I became a little obsessed with PJ and Duncan before abandoning pop bands in favour of Britpop.

I wrote a long post about my all time favourite magazines here. I started off as a big Beano fan and my dad used to buy me a copy every Thursday. Then I'd read Shout! and Smash Hits. I also had a FunFax which isn't really a comic, but a kids' version of a Filofax, that you could slot little books into, with little stickers to put on your calendar. Nerdy fun!!

Me and my brother would always rent The Princess Bride on video whenever we got chance. Big was another favourite as well as Home Alone, Stand By Me, The Land Before Time, The Little Mermaid and E.T... the list goes on!

What a day it was when my cousin Mandi gave us her old Megadrive. Me and my brother used to love playing Sonic the Hedgehog - in fact it's still the only computer game I'm any good at. As much as Tom tries to persuade me to play GTA I can't help but prefer the old 2D games I grew up with.

Er, reading. Collecting stickers. Drawing. Taping songs off the radio. Arguing with my brother about what TV show we should watch. Dreaming of one day being a member of the Orange Organics.

Did anyone else get obsessed with owning a paid of Clark's Magic Steps shoes as a kid? This advert was so magical, I really wanted a pair of shoes with a key in the heel (why I don't quite know...) but they were all sold out where ever we looked. Booh.



  1. I reckon I still know ALL the words to the Round The Twist theme tune.

    1. I bought the first series on dvd a couple of years ago largely so i could sing along to it again ;)

  2. Ha so many shared loves. Pugwall was my favourite and me and my brother still like to duet an Orange organics song! I also used to enjoy Bug juice! Definitely Round the twist! Yes to Point Horror - I was obsessed and now struggle to finish a book in 6 months! It's funny as me and Thomas were talking about Game gears at the weekend as I had one and a game boy! Also discussed my NES and a frustrating game called Looney Tunes! I was also a sticker collector big time! I loved the furry ones! Great post Laura!

    1. Yay another Pugwall fan! Yes i got through SO many books at that age, i used to stay up all night reading! Collecting stickers is still where it's at!

  3. I loved The Girl from Tomorrow too! You're the only other person I know of who remembers it! Didn't it have a girl in it with purple hair? I'm sure it did, I remember thinking she was cool, hehe.

    Just to make you jealous I had 2 pairs of Magic Steps :P That advert was amazing! :)

    I think I'm going to have to do one of these posts too!

    1. Yes wasn't she called Jenny-Kelly?! (strange name) and she wore a headband...

      Ohhh, i'm so jealous you had the shoes!

    2. That rings a bell, yes! Hehe.

      I remember they came with free stickers of the characters from the advert, lol. They were very exciting shoes! :)

  4. i forgot all about The Girl From Tomorrow! I loved it. Also I loved Round the Twist and Heartbreak High - gah I forgot so much!

    The Clarke advert - I LOVED it.

    So happy to see you did this :)

  5. I love Enid Blyton; I still have a complete set of Famous Five books at home!
    And taping songs from the radio was something me and my friends used to do a lot - I had a tape player that would record your voice so we used to be really sad and design our own radio stations.

    I always wanted a pair of Clarks Magic Steps shoes as well! I never had them but lots of my husband's childhood friends did - because in the 80's Clarks used to have a factory in the town where he lived and they would use the local primary school kids as guinea pigs for all their shoe designs! Definitely not fair that I grew up 20 miles away and completely missed out on that! :-) x

    1. Wow that's amazing, free shoes!

      Yes me and my friends also recorded our own radio stations on tape! We also formed a band called 3 Unlimited and made up songs on the keyboard! Happy days. x

  6. YES! None of my friends here seem to remember Magic Shoes - I'm so glad you do! I wanted them SO badly but I wasn't allowed to have any; I had to get "sensible, proper" school shoes instead. Waaaaaah!

    I still kind of want a pair of shoes with a key in the heel. But in an adult size six and a half (I'm specifying incase Clarks are reading this and feeling generous/creative).

  7. This post has brought back so many memories for me, too! Like you, I prefer 2D games. These fancy 3D efforts are too confusing. I much prefer to enter from the left and run to the right.


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