Friday, 11 October 2013

Lovely Links

+Write a letter to the future & this site will deliver it to your email in a year or even ten years' time (via emma blue)
+ It's now the perfect time to make an autumn song playlist! My friend Tom alerted me to Falling for autumn by Lullatone which makes a lovely soundtrack to this time of year
+ 30 signs you're almost 30 - can you relate?!
+ Ikea or Death Metal band
+ Girls Season 3 trailer - done in an instagram stylee
+ Think you have a lot of cameras? Not compared to this guy. (via the photo parlour)
+ If you like lists you'll enjoy browsing (i have already wasted way too long on this site..)
96 year old writes a heartbreaking song to his deceased wife (get ready to tear up!)

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